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These rings each tell a story...

I wanted to make sure this was understood by the purchaser of each ring. In order to do that, I have attached a small hand-written "book" to each, explaining the art on the ring as I see it. Art is subjective, so each person will have their own interpretation, but hopefully the little writings I offer will get you thinking!

Each ring is as always 99.9% Pure Silver or Sterling Silver, and 100% hand made from the heart!

Happy Love Story Rings

(devious chuckle..)


The Stories...Rings pictured above~

Ring 1.)The Hit and Run...This is just a drive-by...she had no idea he wouldn't stay..

Ring 2.)This Cowboy Wore a Black Hat... she should have seen it coming...

He rode up out of nowhere on his noble steed (too good to be true, she wasn't looking for love...hoofprints in the desert), lasso'd her heart tightly (she fell in love with him), then one day without warning, as suddenly as he came into her life, he disappeared (hoofprints into the sunset). She was left with her heart broken and her mind re-running thoughts of him (heart tied to a cactus with the lasso....prickly cactus represents the pain and his callousness - she's stuck with those realizations, and heart bound tightly by his lasso that he left with her symbolizes his hold on her.... with a horse hoofprint on the heart-her heart has a permanent scar) Now, her only choice is to dwell within the emptiness of her aching heart (the wide open desert) trying to make sense of what happened because there's no way out (no one who can help her .. desert solitude -no way to get away from her love for him). She's left forever alone with the pain as he rides off into the sunset like it never happened (hoof prints lead to the setting sun).

Ring 3.)The Ole Ball and it's entirety ....

 A friend thought it would be good to do a wedding band with a ball and chain on it...I agreed and loved the concept, but couldn't help putting my own little spin on it...after goes both ways.  One side of the ring has a ball and chain, as you turn the ring you see the chain is also attached to a spike going through a heart.

  Story Rings available at A.Wickey Studio-Gallery in Rosemary Beach...


1.)Honesty in the Heart

* Get it. Keep it. Do it. Every day.

2.)Life's Darker Now


*He kept her at arm's length until the day her heart told her it was time to fly. He didn't realize until too late that she would take the sun with her....she didn't realize how high she could fly....

3.)Paying it Forward

*She thinks of him, her tears fall uncontrollably, and she realizes they are not shed on her memories of him, but for the memories the future will never hold....of them

4.) Danger Ahead

*She came with a warning label..someone's going to get hurt.

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